How does the CANNA GROW POT work?
CANNA GROW POTS are containers that hold soil just like other containers. You put soil into your grow pot and plant your seeds or plants. Then water and feed as you normally would. The benefits of CANNA GROW POTS are that they breathe, providing aeration to the roots and preventing water from pooling and providing a proper temperature for the roots. These benefits combined together allow you to achieve the best and most vigorous plants.

Why does fabric need to breathe?
The breathable fabric allows a proper amount of air to the roots as well as preventing standing water around the roots. The fabric also allows for air circulation, helping prevent soil-borne disease.

What is "good root structure"?
This is when the plants are able to grow roots that can absorb nutrients and water optimally while not crowding each other out.

What is "root circling"?
This is caused by pots that do not breathe, such as a plastic pot. When the roots grow to where they reach the edge of the pot, they turn and keep growing along the inner edge of the pot. This is called root circling. The eventual result is that the plant spends too much time and energy on roots that grow into thick masses, while the roots themselves are unable absorb nutrients and water effectively because they are all grown together.

What is "root distribution"?
This is where roots grow out in a pattern that allows for each root to effectively absorb nutrients and water.

What is "air pruning"?
Air pruning occurs when a root comes into contact with the air on the outside of a CANNA GROW POT. What happens is that once the root feels the air directly on it, the root stops growing further and instead grows more side or lateral roots. The roots become more evenly distributed and more fibrous, allowing them to be able to absorb more nutrients and water.

Are they reusable?
Absolutely. We use a thick and very durable fabric so you can enjoy the benefits of using CANNA GROW POTS over and over again. They will not crack or break from freezing.

Can I clean my CANNA GROW POTS?
Sure! Remove the soil. If you want to, you can use a garden hose to rinse off the inside and outside ot the grow pot. Let your grow pot dry. Do not use a clothes dryer, but instead let it air-dry. After drying, shake it out and remove any small roots clinging to it. Then it can be stored indoors.

Are CANNA GROW POTS organic?
Yes. You can use them and still be organic.

Will CANNA GROW POTS get damaged from freezing?
No. If you desire to leave your grow pots outside (and full of soil), your grow pots will not crack or break from freezing.

What size of CANNA GROW POT is best for me?
Depending on how much space you have and what you want to grow, there are several sizes of CANNA GROW POTS for you to choose from. Each of the sizes are deep enough to allow for a vigorous root system.

Why should I buy CANNA GROW POTS?
Our grow pots are Made in the USA and our quality is superior. We use a fabric that is durable and breathable. It lasts longer, allows root air-pruning, supports an excellent root distribution and helps prevent soil-borne disease. Our reinforced rim makes it easier to fill and maintain. CANNA GROW POTS will last for years.